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The Document Review Process — Step 1 — The First Pass Review

Credit: 1 hour of California MCLE credit, including 0.5 hours of legal ethics. Black Letter Discovery is a State Bar of California approved MCLE provider.

Description: This introductory course focuses on the First Pass Review in which attorneys review documents for relevance, code or "tag" them for relevant subject matter, and create powerful databases that allow litigation teams to find key documents quickly at every phase of the litigation process. The course includes a practical overview of the First Pass Review process, a discussion of some relevant ethical rules, and tips to help you stand out as a reviewer. For those wishing to break into this emerging field, this course provides a basic introduction to the document review process. For experienced reviewers, it provides an opportunity review the basics and share tips to improve your practice. No prior document review experience is required.

One participant said:

"I wish I had taken this class before my first doc review assignment. It was a sink or swim experience, and this class would have made me feel more confident at the beginning."

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