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Accountable, Responsive & Experienced

Need a case manager to oversee logistics and report directly to you? BLD provides trained and experienced Project Managers.


  • Single-point-of-contact between you and the review team
  • No need to manage day-to-day logistics
  • Provides daily, weekly, monthly reports according to your needs

BLD Project Managers are attorneys with hands-on experience managing complex review projects. They work closely with clients and function as if they were an employee of the client. They treat each engagement as a consultative project, helping clients establish standards for accuracy, productivity, and timeliness, including:

  • Provide interface with the client and document review team, freeing client personnel from administrative details
  • Reduce start-up time with training and review of comprehensive background materials
  • Increase reviewers' quality and productivity by assisting counsel in refining the issue tree
  • Increase efficiency with incentives and goals
  • Compile and maintain document review protocols in a Coding Manual to ensure uniformity of reviewers' decisions
  • Manage and track reviewer productivity and quality, with accountability for agreed-upon results
  • Provide overall coordination of projects; track daily and weekly progress against project's goals
  • Publish comprehensive Project Report at conclusion of project
  • Create environment that maximizes productivity



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