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Hit the Ground Running

Need to ramp up your review team? BLD provides temporary attorneys who have document review experience.


  • Increased Productivity
  • Timely placement of pre-screened and interviewed reviewers
  • No down time
  • No additional payroll, worker's compensation, or unemployment costs
  • Decreased internal HR-related costs

BLD combines recruiting best practices with proprietary technology and oversight by former legal practitioners, to ensure that clients' requirements are met. BLD staffs projects with experienced document review professionals who take pride in their work product. BLD distinguishes itself from traditional legal staffing companies in the following ways:

  • BLD Recruiters are experienced attorneys who use proprietary technology to match the best candidates to project requirements.
  • Candidates are personally interviewed, and state bar admission and personal and professional references are checked.
  • At client's request, background checks are run and BLD assists with conflict checks.
  • BLD offers reviewers training on e-discovery, privilege and related topics to increase their expertise.
  • BLD focuses exclusively on document review



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